Kenwood KM240 Review – a good stand mixer?

Kenwood make some of the best stand mixers around right now and what’s nice about them is that they have a good range from more budget options up to more premium models.  Today I’m doing a Kenwood KM240 review which is one of their cheapest offerings of stand mixers.

Our Kenwood KM240 review – is it a good stand mixer?

I have to say that I have been really impressed with the Kenwood Prospero KM240 stand mixer.  When I saw that it was a budget model and knowing the price point of the average stand mixer I thought it wouldn’t really be up to the job.  I’m happy to report that it definitely is though.

I think the biggest selling point of this machine is definitely the price – when I looked it was just under £100 (obviously prices do go up and down though) which is such a difference from some of the others I’ve looked at.  I know that for me I wasn’t sure whether I’d use a cake mixer like this much and that’s what always put me off the higher priced models.  This one is great for people like me who might only sometimes use a mixer but like to have one on hand.

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Excellent mixing power

With my love for bread you can bet that a mixer has to be up for kneading dough if I’m to rate it highly – this one is really good in that respect too having a 900w motor which is plenty powerful enough for the job.

It also comes with 3 different tools that will make any mixing job a pleasure.

K Beater – general beater for cake mixes and batters

Whisk – for whisking cream and eggs

Dough hook – for bread

Another good feature is that it also comes with a splashguard – I have had plenty of instances of flour getting all over when using a food mixer so this is a nice addition!

Compact size

I also like the compact size of the KM240 mixer.  It’s definitely one of the smallest stand mixers I’ve come across and that means it doesn’t take up too much room on your work surface or it can easily be stored in a cupboard – whatever your choice.


Features and specification of the Prospero KM240

  • Stainless steel bowl – 4.3L capacity
  • 3 different attachments – a K beater, whisk and dough hook
  • Splashguard included
  • Variable speed plus a pulse option
  • Size – 29.2cm (height) x 24.3cm (width) x 31.3cm (depth)
  • Weight – 4.5kg
  • 900w motor

And although not included, the KM240 mixer can also be used with food processor and blender attachments as well making it a really good all round kitchen appliance.

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What others have to say

As well as giving my own review of the stand mixer,  I really like to look around the various online stores to get a wider view of what other people have said about this machine.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this machine with many stating that it has revolutionised their baking.  Definitely a winner for the average kitchen!

Negatives seem to focus on the machine being plastic – I think for many people this is a surprise as the older machines were very heavy and metal.

Overall the machine seems to be a winner and it’s one that I also heartily recommend.

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In conclusion the Kenwood KM240 is a great beginners stand mixer and would be a welcome addition to many kitchens.  It would be a great gift for a new home or for anyone who loves to cook.

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