Kenwood Chef Sense Review – KVC5000T

Another Kenwood Chef mixer to review – aren’t I a lucky lady?  Today I’m doing a Kenwood Chef Sense review (KVC5000T) which is one of their more premium stand mixers and I can’t wait to get started and see what it’s like.

Our Kenwood Chef Sense review – worth the money?


If you bake every day and sometimes more than once a day you’ll know that a cheaper stand mixer just won’t last and will wear out before long.  If you want a mixer that is up to the job of daily use it’s the heavier duty and more premium models you want to be looking at.  This is where the Kenwood Chef Sense comes in.

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High mixing power

The Kenwood Chef Sense stand mixer is one  of the most powerful mixers around right now and it has a 1100w motor.  You can be sure that it is really up to the job of mixing for long periods and for mixing stronger doughs.

As with all of the Kenwood stand mixers it also comes with 3 different tools that will help with any mixing job:

K Beater – general beater for cake mixes and batters

Whisk – for whisking cream and eggs

Dough hook – for bread

There’s 6 speed options, plus a pulse setting which uses the Intelligent Speed Control dial – really easy to use.


Stainless steel bowl with graduations

The KVC5000T mixer comes with a huge 4.6L bowl (actually there’s an even bigger Chef Sense mixer you can get – a 6.7 litre version!) which is stainless steel – my favourite material for a mixer bowl.  Not only is it a lovely bowl but it’s also got some graduations on the inside which makes measuring ingredients a breeze.

It also comes with a splashguard that fits over the bowl to stop flour from escaping everywhere.


Features and specification of the KVC5000T

  • Stainless steel bowl – 4.6L capacity
  • 3 different attachments – a K beater, whisk and dough hook
  • Intelligent speed control – 6 speeds plus pulse
  • Size – 30cm (height) x 39cm (width) x 29.5cm (depth)
  • Weight – 8.68kg
  • 1100w motor
  • Comes in some nice pastel colour ways


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What others have to say

As well as giving my own review of the stand mixer,  I really like to look around the various online stores to get a wider view of what other people have said about this machine.

There aren’t as many reviews for this one as many other machines – mainly because of the price point – not so many people will invest in the higher end models.

The people who do try this stand mixer are definitely positive about it and find that it’s a really good machine and more than lives up to the Kenwood Chef heritage.

Negatives come from the splashguard as it doesn’t fit that well, but really there aren’t too many negatives to focus on.

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In conclusion the Kenwood Chef Sense is a great professional stand mixer and it would stand up to daily work if that’s what you need it for.  The powerful motor is a welcome change from some of the more flimsy models out there.

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