Best food slicer for bread – my essential accessory for bread making!

I really wish that it was mandatory to get a bread slicer with every new bread maker!!  It honestly changed my life when I decided to invest in one and I couldn’t believe I’d not done it before.  I’ll be taking a look at what you need to consider when looking for the best food slicer for bread in this post.

A bread slicer helps to make all that hard work of making bread, whether you did it by hand or machine, much better as you get even slices which are much more pleasant to eat.  They make better sandwiches, better toast, and if you’re worried about watching what you eat can help you moderate the size of your slices!  You get much more out of your loaf too so you’re not wasting large crusts or making people eat bigger amounts so it should save you money overall.

The other good thing about these electric slicers is that they aren’t solely for bread and so are multifunctional.  You can use them to slice meat and cheese too.  I don’t tend to use mine for cheese as I’m not a big cheese eater, but I definitely use it to slice up a roast beef joint or a ham hock.  It can really make the meat go much farther, so excellent if you’re on a budget!

Choosing the best food slicer for bread

When looking for the best electric bread slicer you want to think about the following:

  • Does it have specific bread blades?
  • How easy is it to clean?  This is a big one for me.
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Does it have a safety cut off?
  • Can you store it easily and does it fold?


*  Note for 2020 – this is one of my most popular posts but models of slicers available have changed since I first wrote it and many weren’t still available.  I’ve completely overhauled the guide and looked at what is available right now so we’re back up to date!   I’ve left some of the older models at the bottom of the review as they may still be available on eBay etc*


Electric bread slicer reviews

Venga! VG AS 3003 BS Electric Food Slicer

Best budget bread slicer

This slicer is one of the most popular currently on Amazon right now.  The brand name is Venga! and what I’m seeing as a trend is much more away from the recognisable brands and more to obscure ones!  Often you might find a product that looks exactly the same with different names.  If in doubt, check the reviews to see whether the item is well received by buyers.

This one is not only getting good reviews but it’s the one of the cheapest slicers I’ve found on the market right now.



  • looks sleek and smart
  • Easy to clean
  • sturdy with suction feet
  • inexpensive


  • Only one blade
  • not foldable


See latest price on Amazon here


PROGRESS EK3683P Electric Food Slicer

Interestingly this is the exact same model of slicer that I have in my home.  I’d bought mine secondhand and it was originally an Argos buy but the product is obviously still going and is being manufactured under a different name!

This is a basic slicer and the cheapest on the page.  I say basic because the plastic is quite cheap feeling and it doesn’t have the same sleek look as some other slicers.  It does last though – I’ve had mine over 6 years!  It only has one blade but a variable width mechanism to change the thickness of the slices.  

What I do like about this is that it folds for easy storage and the blade comes off easily for cleaning too.  I’ve been very happy with mine and if you’re just needing a cheap slicer for bread or meat this could be a great option.



  • Folds for storage
  • Easy to clean
  • simple and easy to use
  • inexpensive
  • lasts forever!  (well hopefully!)


  • Only one blade
  • basic white plastic might not be everyone’s favourite look


See latest price on Amazon here


Ritter E 16 Electrical Food Slicer

If having beautiful kitchen equipment is as important to you as it working well then you might want to look at the slicer above from Ritter.  It’s a German brand and although is at the higher end of the price scale is not hugely expensive I don’t think.  It looks high end and it would be something that would fit in and look good on a work surface!

As for practicality, the slicers one blade with a large range of thickness.  The others on this page can only slice up to 15mm, where this one can do up to 20mm.  Nice big thick slices of bread anyone?

One other aspect I really like about this one is that it has a tray to catch your food as it is sliced.  If you’ve ever used a slicer you’ll know this is a great feature!  It’ll catch the crumbs or simply just save your work surface from having bits of sliced food over it.


  • beautiful look
  • tray underneath to catch food
  • quality German engineering (UK plug though!)
  • wide range of thicknesses


  • Only one blade
  • more expensive than some others


See latest price on Amazon here



Cooks Professional Meat Slicer with 3 blades


Finally we have this slicer from Cooks which looks fairly similar to the Venga one above but one big difference here is that it comes with different blades.  Now you don’t need different blades but it can help to get better cuts so if you’re planning to use the slicer a lot it makes sense to get specific blades for what you’ll need.

As with some of the other slicers here, it doesn’t fold which I am always sad about but that’s because I have a small kitchen with limited space.  It may not be an issue for you.

It’s a really good looking slicer too, sturdy and should last a long time.



  • different blades – straight for general use, serrated for deli meats and wave for softer food such as bread
  • sturdy and strong


  • not foldable


See latest price on Amazon here


Our older reviews are below – note that these are not often available now brand new but might still be found through independent sellers and on the second hand market.


Andrew James Electric Precision Food Slicer


This meat and bread slicer from Andrew James is one of the most popular available at the moment.  To me, it has everything that you want in an electric bread cutter – it’s not too expensive, it’s not too big and it works well.  Oh and you can get it in some different colours too – black and red as well as the silver above!  (See my in depth review here)

The bread slicer has 2 blades that are useful for cutting bread.  There’s a universal blade and also a bread blade which is good when you’re wanting to cut a loaf you’ve just baked and is slightly more fluffy in texture.

All in all this is a great value bread loaf slicer and my best choice of them all.


  • specific bread blade for freshly baked loaves
  • 2 year warranty
  • inexpensive


  • can be a bit fiddly to clean if using it for meats


See latest price on Amazon here




Swan SP10060N Compact White Food Slicer


If you’re just looking for the best cheap bread slicer this one from Swan should do you well.  It’s very similar to one that I got a few years ago and I used it lots with no issues.

What I really like about this bread cutting machine is the fact that it’s so compact and can be stored away easily as it folds up.  This also means that the blade isn’t easily accessible when stored.

It works fine for all breads and meats, I used to wait till my bread was completely cool before using it.


  • Cheapest slicer on this page
  • folds away for easy storage


  • Only one blade
  • low powered motor
  • bit fiddly to clean – not so much with bread but definitely with meats

See latest price here


Graef EVO E 20 Food slicer

Top choice for a premium bread slicer

This food slicer from the German make Graef is a wonderful piece of equipment that will not only do the job of cutting bread and meats, but will look extremely stylish on your work surfaces!  (See my in depth review here)

It is one of the most expensive food slicers I’m reviewing, but it has some great reviews on Amazon (click the button below to see them) and if you want something that will stand out in your kitchen this would be the one to go with.

It cuts both breads and meats with ease and has an adjustable width blade so you can go from thick to thin easily.  It’s a heavy and sturdy bit of kit too so won’t move around too much while cutting.


  • Looks very modern and stylish
  • child safety lock
  • very sturdy
  • many spares available


  • expensive

Check here for the latest price and review



Luvele Razor Electric Meat Slicer


Finally this is another positively reviewed bread slicer for home use.  This one from Luvele is probably more suited as a meat slicer that also cuts bread so excellent if you’re wanting to do more than just make some sandwiches!

It has a maximum cutting height of 13cm for loaves so if you make really tall loaves then it might not work so well for you.

It’s easy to clean and is a sturdy machine.  I like that you get the two different blades for cutting meats and bread too.


  • mid range price
  • easy to clean
  • 2 separate blades for meat and bread


  • not great with tall loaves of bread (max cutting height is 13cm)


See more about this item including the latest price here