What are the best flour storage containers?

Getting the best flour storage containers is something worth investing in especially if you’re going to do a lot of baking. Even if you don’t do lots it’s a good idea to keep your flour fresh so that when the time comes to bake it will still be good to bake with and hopefully not containing any nasties (yes weevils – I’m talking about you!) or strong odours and it should cut down on that mess of flour when you open the bag.

Air tight containers are what you’ll be wanting to look for to store your flour in.  Think about how many bags of flour you’d like to store too and get a container that will suit.  All of the tubs reviewed here will fit at least one large (1.5kg) bag of flour with ease.

I’ve written reviews for a few different kinds of containers – some plain and simple from some bigger brands, a glass jar and also some retro inspired tins that are lovely to have out on show.  If you want to store your flour in bulk then scroll down for some options there too.

At a glance –

Best for small amounts of flour – OXO Good Grips

Best for bulk storage of flour – Lock & Lock 12l 

The best flour storage containers reviewed


Plastic flour storage containers:

OXO Good Grips Large Pop Container

I love these OXO Good Grips containers and they’re such a good design.  When you put the lid on you press the pop button down and it forms an airtight seal and a flat lid (good for stacking).  When you want to open it you can press the button again and it will pop up to form a handle which can then be opened with just one hand.  Perfect if you’re in the middle of baking!  It’s a square container and so it’s good for pouring the flour out too.

The size of this one again is more than big enough to hold a large bag of flour (1.5kg) and is 4.2L.  The dimensions are 16cm x 16cm x 24cm.

Check out this one on Amazon here

Sistema KLIP IT Bakery storage container with scoop

If you’re not too bothered about keeping your flour out on show and would like a nice simple and effective container then this one from Sistema is a good buy.  It’s good value and you also get a scoop with it which is helpful when dispensing the flour.

It’s made of BPA and phthalate free plastic and is a good design that will fit neatly in to cupboards with a sculptured hand grip for easy use grabbing.  The Klip It feature allows the container to seal extremely tightly.  It’s ok to go in the dishwasher too which is great.

The size of this one is 3.25L which equates to holding a 1.5kg bag of flour with some room to spare at the top for the scoop.  It’s measurements are 23.4 x 16.2 x 10.6 cm.

Check out the latest price of this one on Amazon here


Metal and Glass Flour Storage containers:


Retro Style McDougall’s Flour Tin / Canister

Here’s one that I absolutely love (I have a thing for retro styling!) is this flour storage tin from McDougall’s which shows a retro version of their packaging.  It comes in two different ‘varieties’, the self raising flour tin above and also a plain flour tin that you can see here and you can also get a smaller version of the self raising tin.

It’s made of metal, which I would say is a little flimsy, but not overly so and measures 24cm x 17.5cm x 9.5cm.  You can safely fit a large 1.5kg bag of flour inside or probably 2 of the 1kg bags of flour.  It’s also airtight so if you’re worried about weevils or other nasties it’s perfect.

Check out both versions and the latest price here (not currently available but may be in stock soon)


Tala Originals Self Raising Flour Storage Tin

If the McDougall’s tin isn’t available then this one is a similar style and could be a good alternative.  Tala do excellent quality kitchenware and so this tin is another in that range.

The lid has a hinge which is a nice touch and you can of course just keep the bag of flour inside or decant it into it.

It can just about hold a standard bag of flour (1.5kg) but it’s tight – if you buy smaller packs of flour then it could work well for you.


Check out the price of this one here.


KitchenCraft Living Art-deco style Airtight Flour Storage Container

Another flour container that would look fabulous out on show is this one from KitchenCraft.  It’s got a really fun and vintage or retro feel to it and it complements a whole heap of other storage containers in the range.  They have coffee, tea and sugar caddies too – it would definitely brighten up a kitchen or pantry!

It has a seal around the lid making it airtight and it holds a large size bag of flour (1.5kg) with some room to spare.  It’s made of metal and has a square footprint making it space efficient on the shelf or worktop.  The measurements are 16cm x 11.5cm x 20cm.

See the latest price of this one here



Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Storage Jar – 4.0L

Here’s a beautiful and simple glass jar that is great for storing flour in especially if you’re trying to cut down on the plastic in your household.  It’s big and it’s heavy but that’s to be expected with a glass container.  It would look lovely on the work surface though and is perfect if you’re looking for a large flour storage container.

This is a huge 4.0L jar which should hold around about two small bags of flour (1kg) and almost a full two larger bags (but not quite) and it has a wide neck that would make it easy to put a scoop in.  There is no plastic seal on this one though but there are many positive reviews of how it doesn’t feel like it needs it.

Check the reviews for this item on Amazon


Bulk flour storage containers:


Lock & Lock – 12l storage tub

Here we have an option for people who are serious about storing a decent amount of flour at once.  It’s a really good size bin that’s not too big I don’t feel, but still can store a good amount of flour.

You’re probably not going to want this on show in a kitchen due to the size, but it would be great on inside a cupboard or in a pantry.  The container is food grade plastic and has a clear window at the top so you can see how much is in there.  It seals all around too, just like all the other Lock & Lock containers, so no worries about things getting in whether that be moisture or bugs.

I really like the look of this one and would be great if you buy in bulk like a lot of people are doing lately.

Check out the price on Amazon here


IRIS Air Tight Food container

If the above aren’t going to even touch your flour supplies and you buy by the sackful then this container by IRIS could be a decent option.  It’s often used by people for pet food or bulky items and comes highly recommended, but can of course be used for flour too.

The container is 45 litres and would take most of a sack of flour (25kg) but perhaps not quite all of it.  If you have smaller bags of flour it would be a great option too and they do have a smaller, 20L version.

What I like is that it has some castors on the bottom so can be rolled out from your pantry or storage area when you need it.  It comes with a scoop too for easy access to the flour.


Check this item on Amazon here


Simplehuman CW1886 30L Food Bin

Finally, we have this really elegant bulk storage option from Simplehuman.  If you are looking for a long term storage solution for your flour that looks good, will last and will also keep your flour in tip top condition this is the one for you.  It is on the more expensive side, but as an investment for someone who is going to use it daily I think it’s well worth it.

The storage bin is made from stainless steel with a fingerprint-proof finish which will ensure it stays looking good at all times.  It has wheels at the bottom making it easy to move and it’s slim design means that you can probably store it easily in your kitchen (and it will look good even if it stays out on show!). I love that it has a scoop incorporated which attaches with a magnet to the inside of the lid – a nice touch so you don’t lose it.

Crucially the bin is food grade plastic and when the lid is locked down it becomes airtight which is what you need when storing flour.  It comes in 3 different sizes – 25, 30 and 35L.


You can see more reviews and the latest price on Amazon here


Looking for flour? – Flour is still quite hard to find in the UK right now – I’ve found Amazon can be a good place to look but do check the price per 100g to see if you’re getting a good deal compared to what you can get in the supermarkets.

Here’s some organic flour that comes in a large sack that isn’t too expensive per 100g.  Prices do change so keep an eye on it.

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    Our local cafe sold ice-cream from a local ice-cream maker. Empty 5l rectangular, food grade containers were going for free. They are air right, will hold a 1.5 kg bag of flour, and stack. I have 7 that I’ve been using for nearly 10 years.

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