Heston Blumenthal Sage mixer review

The Sage by Heston Blumenthal kitchen range is one of my absolute favourites.  They are a complete joy to look at yet are really good quality items too – all too often a chef will endorse some wishy washy item and it definitely doesn’t even touch the rest of the competition.  I’m finding that the Heston Blumenthal items aren’t like that though and the first of the products in the range that I’m planning on reviewing is the stand mixer.  I hope you enjoy the BEM430SIL Sage mixer review and that it helps you decide whether it’s a good purchase for you or not.

Sage mixer review – a good stand mixer or just riding on the name?

Most people I speak to about stand mixers have two things that they want.  They want it to work well (obviously!) and they want it to look awesome on the work top.  This is especially important if you’re baking a lot and it would be a hassle to bring out of a cupboard every day.  For those who really don’t want to compromise on either of these things the Sage mixer is a really great item that I definitely think warrants closer inspection.

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Unique scraper beater


One of the selling points of the Heston mixer is that it has what they call a ‘scraper beater’.  How many times are you using a mixer and need to stop to scrape down the sides so it all gets mixed in?  I know I do a lot!  This beater that comes as standard has unique flexible sides that do the scraping while it’s mixing and it works really well.


Glass bowl as standard

Most mixers either come with a plastic or a stainless steel bowl and you might perhaps be able to get a glass bowl as an extra.  The Sage mixer comes with one as standard.  I do really like glass bowls because I’m trying to cut plastic from my life and they have a good sturdy feel to them.  Stainless steel bowls can get dented easily and can look grubby if not dried well after washing.  The glass bowl looks amazing all the time.

Having a glass bowl also means that you can see inside a lot easier, you can see how your mixture looks from more than just the top and you can see that the scraper beater is doing it’s job in getting it all mixed up nicely!



Beautiful retro looks

I know.  I’m a sucker for retro, sleek kitchen stand mixers.  I was completely won over by the KitchenAid and the Sage is right up there with that one with looks.  It comes as a beautiful silver, has simple controls and just looks elegant.  I think the fact that it’s NOT a KitchenAid will appeal to some as well – who wants to follow the crowd?


Features and specification of the BEM430SIL Sage by Heston Blumenthal

  • 800w motor
  • all metal internal gears
  • sensors that mean it won’t burn out – great for bread making
  • balloon whisk, scraper beater and dough hook
  • 4.7 litre capacity
  • glass bowl as standard


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What others have to say about the Sage by Heston Blumenthal Stand mixer

Overall we’re looking at some really positive reviews and many agreeing with what I’ve said here – it’s a great mixer, looks fantastic and works amazingly well.  People also feel like they are getting a great machine that will last a long time for their money.  The main negative thing I have noticed is that it is a little noisy.


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In conclusion I think that if you’re wanting a gorgeous stand mixer that is going to look amazing on your work surface that also works incredibly well then you’re probably going to do rather well with this item.  It’s on the higher end of pricing compared to some of the more cheaper stand mixers out there but not too high.  It certainly seems very good value compared to a premium KitchenAid.

If you’re still unsure then take a look at my Best Stand Mixers article for more ideas on good products out there.

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