Gifts for bread lovers and makers – 2018 edition

If you know someone who adores bread, whether that is making or just eating it then finding a gift that celebrates that passion will light up their day.


My favourite gifts for bread lovers and makers – 2018 edition

Bread Baking Kit

This flowerpot bread making kit is a really fun and inexpensive gift that would be perfect for beginners to the bread making world or even those bread lovers who haven’t experienced making their first loaf.  It would be a great gift for kids who like to bake too.  You get all you need to make some loaves – the flour mix, yeast and also some terracotta flower pots that you then bake them in.

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Bread Bin

A bread lover would love a stylish and good quality answer to their bread storage problems so a well made bread bin like this one from Brabantia would definitely be a well received gift.  I love this one particularly because it’s a classic stainless steel design which could go with virtually any kitchen theme and also it has a flat top which is great for extra storage space.

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Bread cutting board

Another great idea is a bread cutting board.  Get one with an inbuilt crumb catcher like this one because if you are cutting a lot of bread I can tell you that there will be a lot of crumbs!  I like natural materials like bamboo because even though it’s an inexpensive item it can look like a quality piece and should go with all kitchens.

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Know a man that loves to bake bread?  Perhaps he is already a dab hand at baking or he’s just really enthusiastic and just starting out!  Either way, an apron is a great idea as a gift and this design is really fun stating that ‘Real Men Bake Bread’.  It’s good quality too and looks really stylish.

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Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more unisex?  There’s plenty of apron’s around – I like this one which is available in a range of colours and simply states – ready, steady, bake!

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These are my two favourite cook books for bread lovers at the moment – there are a few out there but these are particularly worth a mention I think.

Brilliant Bread by James Morton Paul Hollywood’s Bread


Chapati rolling board

This would be great for someone who loves to try all different kinds of bread in the kitchen.  Making chapatis is so easy but I bet that having a beautiful rolling board like this one would make the job of rolling them out a pleasure.  It’s beautifully decorated and also comes with a rolling pin too.  This is on my Christmas list this year!

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Bread Lame

Finally this one is for you if you’re looking for someone who has lots of experience in making bread already and has all the basic things.  A bread lame or grignette is basically a special cutting blade that gives those perfect slices in the top of bread when making artisan loaves.  It can look really spectacular and although a knife might do the job in a pinch, a more specific bread lame is better.   This would definitely help any budding or experienced bread maker!

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Of course there may well be other items that would make perfect gifts – perhaps a bread maker itself?  Or an bread slicer?  For people who love baking cakes and bread then a stand mixer has to be worth thinking about too!