Are breadmakers healthy?

With such a focus on healthy eating these days you might well be wondering whether breadmakers are healthy or not? The lure of a gadget will only take you so far especially if the sensible side of you is now wondering if you’ll become overweight or unhealthy when you start making your own bread.

Of course, you’ll find differing opinions on whether or not they are healthy but I’ll share mine with you.

Control of your ingredients

Supermarket and even some bakery bread will have ingredients in that you can’t pronounce and which are there to improve the life of the bread.  A lot of these additives aren’t great to be piling in to your body and it was certainly one of the reasons I started looking to make my own bread many years ago.  I wanted to be in control of the food I was eating and making everything from scratch was how I managed it.  My bread would have 4 ingredients – flour, yeast, salt and water and that was it.  In my opinion, that’s pretty healthy.

When I wanted to switch to wholemeal bread I wondered if I’d need to give up on the home made bread as wholemeal can be challenging.   I tweaked my recipes until I was happy with them and that too is a success.  Wholemeal bread with no additives is a winner.

There are also some thoughts that mass produced bread is one of the causes of wheat and gluten intolerance, I’m not sure about that, but if it is then having home made bread from a bread maker would be a positive too.



One negative thing about bread from a bread maker is that it’s easy to eat a lot of it.  I found this especially true when I used to cut it with a regular bread knife.  My slices were huge and I would kid myself that it even so it would be better than shop bought bread.  I think the difference in calories would have been immense – although I never checked them!

I now cut all my bread using an electric bread slicer which means the size is controlled and you can get thinner slices than you’d be able to by hand.  I think if you’re worried about overeating your fresh bread this is a good way to control it.

As with everything, we can make bad choices.  Lather your bread in butter and eat it more times a day than you would normally and you’ll get overweight but if you continue to practise healthy eating habits it can complement it nicely.


Overall I think that the one negative can be counteracted and so my opinion is that bread makers can be healthy.  Just being aware of goes in to you family’s food is a huge positive for me and also the fact that I can make something that will rival all of that which is in the supermarket!

What do you think?  Are bread makers healthy?  Or are they a road to trouble?