Black Friday 2017 baking deals

I am a bit of a sucker for deals and quite often find myself buying so much stuff at this time of year because, of course, we’re beginning to get in on the US tradition of Black Friday!  I’m really hoping to get some great Black Friday 2017 deals and want to share them with you too, so anything good I find I’ll link here!


***While we’re patiently waiting (hah – patience!!!) why not take a look at what offers Amazon is doing already – often they have extended sales to get us all in the mood.  And it’s a good idea to try and get Amazon Prime too as sometimes they have special deals just for Prime members.  You can get a free trial by clicking below.

Prime free trial


Black Friday 2017 baking deals

Friday 24th November:

Daily deal so on all day today – Some great kitchen products on offer here including some premium food mixers at a great price – check them out here.








Cyber Monday 2017 baking deals

coming soon!


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